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Cinematic ([personal profile] cinematic) wrote2008-09-15 11:46 am
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Bucket list [incomplete]

In no particular order. Subject to change, when I get ideas.

1. Adopt a clouded leopard.
2. Visit my family's house in Italy.
3. See a Broadway show.
4. Graduate highschool
5. Graduate University.
6. Get my M.A. in Psychology
7. Join the Canadian Psychologist Association.
8. Write a novel
9. Get a tattoo
10. Meet Johnny Depp :D
11. Visit Times Square - April '09
12. Go Skinny dipping
13. Pole dance :D!
14. Volunteer at the SPCA
15. Go to California for any length of time
16. Roadtrip with friends
17. Become vegetarian
18. Fall in love
19. Overcome something difficult
20. Go to Africa
21. Ride a horse
22. Learn to swordfight
23. Make and wear my own clothing
24. Learn to draw.
25. Hangout with Jay for the day, whilst not dating.
26. Make a scrapbook
27. Donate blood
28. Be an organ donor
29. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.
30. Love my life
31. Be comfortable with myself.
32. Vote
33. Go to a casino.

34. Get over my fears, or at least one of them.
35. Go to church
36. Finish this list?